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Yui - My Short Stories

Posted by Madong Arizona On 22.01 2 comments
Penyanyi Wanita dan Pencipta Lagu Yui dalam album My Short Stories yang akan di rilis 12 November 2008 ini merupakan album the best Yui yang berisi lagu-lagu terbaiknya dari Feel My Soul, Can't buy my love hingga SUMMER SONG, dan juga lagu baru "I'll be" (liat list lagunya)
Cover CD Only

dalam catatan harian Yui tertanggal 29 Agustus 2008, Yui mengatakan bahwa dia akan break untuk sementara waktu dari segala aktifitas dihadapan publik setelah peluncuran album My Short Stories ini untuk re-energize herself. dengan break ini Yui akan lebih bisa berkonsentrasi penuh pada album yang akan di produksi di tahun depan
Cover CD/DVD

List Lagu Yui My Short Stories

  1. I'll be
  2. HELP
  3. Last Train
  4. Winter Hot Music
  5. Jam
  6. Skyline
  7. Free Bird
  8. I wanna be...
  9. Oh My God
  10. Cloudy
  11. Driving Today
  12. Understand
  13. Crossroad
  14. It's happy line
  15. Why me
download link belum tersedia,. nanti sepetelah peluncuran albumnya akan sa sediakan linknya.

Download Yui I'll be mp3 here
Download Yui I'll be video clip here

Asterisk hacking download

Posted by Madong Arizona On 03.27 0 comments
Asterisk hacking shows readers about a hacking technique they may not be aware of. It teaches the secrets the bad guys already know about stealing personal information through the most common, seemingly innocuous, highway into computer networks: the phone system. The book also comes with an Asterisk Live CD (SLAST) containing all the tools discussed in the book and ready to boot!

This book shows readers what they can do to protect themselves, their families, their clients, and their network from this invisible threat. Power tips show how to make the most out of the phone system and turn it into a samurai sword for defense or attack!

*Asterisk Live CD (SLAST) containing all the tools discussed in the book and ready to boot!
*Contains original code to perform previously unthought of tasks like changing caller id, narrowing a phone number down to a specific geographic location, and more!
*See through the eyes of the attacker and learn WHY they are motivated, something not touched upon in most other titles. I got this from http://free-download-book.blogspot.com/

Click here to download

YUI Wallpaper

Posted by Madong Arizona On 22.51 1 comments
These are YUI pictures and wallpapers
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