Zinmag Remedy 2.0

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Zinmag Remedy

Zinmag Primus Blogger template

Posted by Alvairs On Jan - 24 - 2009

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Zinmag Primus

Color Paper Blogger template

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Color Paper

Blog Empire With Blogger

Posted by Madong Arizona On 08.32 19 comments
A cool thing happened to me last week. I was sitting here one evening and my Wife hollers in from the Living Room, “Hun, who is Click Bank?”

“Umm, I don’t know why?” I half heartily replied because I was’t really listening.

“They sent us a check for $246.18. Are you sure you don’t know who they are”

Man, I was out of my chair quicker than Flash Gordon!

“Let me see, let me see it” I said. Halfway expecting it to be one of those phony checks you get in the mail from banks, mortgage companies and other Spammers of snail mail.

“Cool” I said.

“So you do know who Click Bank is” my Wife stared at me.

“Yeah, I may have heard of them.” I gingerly replied.
How I Used Blogger and ClickBank To Start A Profitable Blog Empire

Now, $246 isn’t going to set the world on fire, but when you’re not expecting it, it’s cool. And when you realize you can duplicate it over and over, you begin to see how you can that this technique has some power to it.

I’d like to tell you this was planned from day one, but I can’t. Here’s what happened.Blog Empire

Late last year I bought the eBook “Blogging To The Bank.” It’s about a technique of creating Blogger blogs and gaming MSN search, IMHO. MSN search use to have a loophole where you could quickly and easily take advantage of their love of Blogger blogs. You could easily outrank most any website with a blogger blog and some backlinks.
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