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Burton Hosting

Posted by Madong Arizona On 19.51 16 comments

There are so many reason why people built a site, to introduce themselves to the worldwide is the most people said. and another reason is to gain some more business opportunity,

and now there are some Business Website Hosting and Personal Website Hosting on the internet, http://www.burtonhosting.com/ is one of them. it is another reputable Domain Registration and hosting. Burton Hosting has been Registered in England and Wales and has help thousands people in gain an Internet presence and has promised to all their customers for best services. and they offer website templates, flash templates, and All products that can be used to quickly make a fast and high-quality website.

the price Personal package $6.95, Business package $21.95 and for Dedicated package $75 in every package they have some difference in web spaces, bandwidth, email account numbers, sub domains, unreliability and secure services.

Berlin Wall

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Have you ever visited the Berlin wall or Berliner Mauer,the construction began on August 13, 1961 until it was dismantled in 1989 and had become barriers which divided or separate west Berlin and East Berlin for 28 years. And during the time, there are more than 200 people was killed trying to move from east to west Berlin. And when German do reunification October 3, 1990. the wall been destroyed. People from both of side can get together again.

Now, there lots of people come to Berlin to visit the historical wall, and if you want to know more, you can visit the museum of the wall, the museum built after fifteen years after the fall, this museum near to Checkpoint Charlie, they also made more that 1000 crosses in memory of people who died attempting to flee to west.

That's one of the historical places in German, and special in Berlin, but by visiting this city, there will be more attractive place and cultures in German. And Most of Hotels in Germany and Hotels in Berlin provide Calendar events in this country, such as: Opera,

ballet, dance, Trade fair & congress, Musical, Business, Show, Ball & gala, Cabaret & Comedy, Arts & lecture, Theater For children, Classical concert, City tour, Festival & set of events, Literature, Exhibition, Clubbing, Sports, Science, Fair, procession & parade, Concert: rock, pop, jazz, folk

and when you visited German, find info here http://www.cheaperthanhotels.co.uk to find the best Hotels in Germany and Hotels in Berlin

Picture taken
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Domain Registration

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this morning I accompany my friend to look for a domain registration website, he want to create a new domain for himself and would like to start a new personal website, there are some things that we considered, but the first is about pricing, it should be low price, and the second the easy manage for domain, and the after sales service, after some times searching we find http://www.paylessdomains.com.au/

www.paylessdomains.com.au is an Australian website offer domain registration for all people in the world or not only in Australia, people may choose some cathegories like.com .net .org .biz .info .com.au .net.au .org.au .asn.au .id.au .co.uk .org.uk .me.uk .uk.com .us.com .us .ca .tv .cc .eu .de .cn .com.cn .net.nz and .co.nz. you can register a unique domain name whatevere you wanted. but please check first the availability on the website. after registering, you will get cutomer A fast domain approval and support for 24 hours everyday, email hosting, url forwarding, tools for managing your site, domain parking name, member account, and renewal reminders. all that things will you get for free.

the web hosting also offer Easy control panel with MySQL & PHP, protect from any spam, email, email forwarding for free, and sub domain,
and there are four types of hosting that you can choose in http://www.paylessdomains.com.au bronze, silver, gold and Platinum with compatitive prices

Palma de Mallorca

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Some days ago I post about Visit Hawaii an island in the pacific ocean, and now I'm going to write down another Island.
It is Majorca the biggest or the largest island of Spain the capital city of this Island is Palma, the name taken from Roman camp, people on the island called it Palmaria when Talaiotic Settlement of the Roman empire, before was later reconquered by the Byzantine, and James I of Aragon established the city before adopted as the capital of the autonomous region of the Balearic Islands in 1983 and now as known by Palma de Mallorca.

there are five places that people usually visit Bellver Castle, Santueri Castle, Palma Cathedral, Cuber Lake, El Diablo Castle. Bellver Castle was built by James II of Aragon on 14th century and during the 18th and 19th ceturies the castle used as military prison. La Seu or also called Palma Cathedral was built by James I in 1229 and finish 1601 after restoration all of completely built in 1914, this cathedral was built on an existing mousque of Arab.

when you plan to travel to Majorca, don't forget tp try the cuisine, on this island, there are about more than 2400 restaurants. Sobrassada and Ensaïmada are two favorit cuisine there. are typical of the Mallorcan diet are Olives and almonds, and there there are about four million trees the have. even this island located in Mediterraneans, but the see food are imported. you can try but you need to pay more,..

to relax during your visit, Mallorca Hotels are another way to find some relax, Ibiza Hotels and San Antonio Hotels are available on the Island.

Cash Advance and Payday

Posted by Madong Arizona On 20.27 2 comments
this is my first time surfing to trustsource.org a web source for every product that people need in their life like, cash advance , health services, paydaday loans, stop smoking product and the others product that people need.

but for all the product, I only interested to the cash advance, in many times, I always try find a good website to find loans and cash for capitals on my business, the website review and rank the top 5 best site and trust site on their pages, they rank the product base of four factor such as: sales data and the rank or popularity of the website, consult with the peofessionals, consult with the custumers of the website, and last Customer rankings and reviews of popular cash advance and payday loans products.

as a professionals suorce, there are some requirement to get the cash or loans, and These three minimum requirements usually need to be have: Being Employed or have worked for at least three consecutive months, your income must be $1,000 per month, and Have got a valid check account open for at least 3 months. the three requirements are based for mostly all cash and loans website.

Self Defense

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When the first time a heard about http://www.CloseCombatTraining.com the only thing in my mind is game on-line software or a trick to win battle in the computer game. That's because there are lots of game on line on the Internet offer free gaming on line.

But after I open the website, it is a true and Free Close Combat Training by Captain Cris World Leader In Self Defense trainer. He sometimes live on local TV news spreading the truth of self defense and give Live lesson on the TV stations. And you may watch some of the TV record on CloseCombatTraining.com some appearance you can get such as FOX 13 Tampa, on Good Day Tampa Bay and Fox 5 New York, on Good Day New York

by joining the training you will know The Truth About Martial Arts and self defense, grab some more article about self defense, you will know why the self defense work, the seven self defense martial arts myths, two quiz of self defense and watch close combat in Action

Start Your Online Business

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Make new business in everywhere sometimes come from hobbies, if someone love sports, their business could be some stuff for sports. could be football, tennis, basket ball, volley ball, or some stuffs for athletic. for people who loves colleting things, they can make business from their hobbies by exchange their collections,

There are much more hoobies that profitable for everyone. but just take example of this two. sport and collecting tings. for people who loves sport, football for example, there are so much products that can give you change for business, such as football shoes, t-shirt, balls, jacket, flags, pin and all the things that related to their fans such as clock, earring, necklaces, pin for supporter, fireworks, some posters etc. and for collectors, when you have collect somethings, and you meet people who need your stuff, you can make it as business.

the most inoprtan thing when people want to open a business is a product or a services, you can't do business if you don't have one of them, What to sell? if have the product, remember to advertise your product on the good location where people need yours there.

and if you tired selling on the usual way, you can try to make online business. make an online busines is easy, you just need shopping cart software to introduce your product on the internet worldwide.
by selling online, you are onestep ahead to your compatitors. having shopping cart or ecommerce software is just the beginning for every success online business all over the world.

Desk Lamps

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In my post the huse of lamps I have written about the important of lamps and electricity in our life, we can image how this world without lamps, we can find so many kind of lamp at farreys.com the online store for household hardware and lighting stores specialist. Where you can find piano lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, reading lamps, and task lamps

but one the most important lamp I think is the lamp that we can use when we work, a lamp desk lamps and table lamps how to do our paperwork in our table if there is no lamps on it.

I tried to manage my room yesterday and I try to find out what kind of suitable lamp on my desk. This is really important for me because I work on my table, typing some article and mailing friends and relatives all can be done if I have good lighting in my room,

There is a big lamps above me, but it is too bright for me, specially when I work at night. I invite my friend to accompany me to go to some store and shop to see some beautiful lamps, and try to look for some good and beautiful design lamp on the farreys.com, and later when I find out a suitable lamp for my desk I’ll try to buy one.

The image taken from http://www.thegreenhead.com/imgs/blow-table-lamp-1.jpg

Ad on blog

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I have heard smorty a months ago, but that time I didn't join the program, I need to see the prove of the payment. So I let some of my friends to join the program first, and I will join them if I see them get success.

It sound so silly, but this is a must for me, I don’t want any scam program in my head and my in blog. Because I have read some disappointment in many forums and email come to me.

Smorty is like a bridge which connect the advertiser and the blogger, the advertiser advertise on blogs  pay to commerce their website or their product on the internet, the more link someone has on the others blogs the more traffic people can get from it. But even though no guarantee for this such a big traffic, and the blogger put the advertiser link on their blog by writing the review.
But if someone want to be a blogger for smorty, it would be better if you have a high pagerank, at least 4 or higher. The higher pagerank you have, the higher offer for campaign you will get.

I joined smorty yesterday and I do hope a change can happen to my life, like my friends who have success on it


Posted by Madong Arizona On 23.16 1 comments

play an casino online is one life style on the internet, while surfing some casino website, we can find to get a good site to play. x-casino.com is another website that open casino online, it is dedicated to all online casino gamblers worldwide. and they guidance for players step by step how to get started and how to play the casino.

the website also give their customers free chip set, but if you buy the chips, you will get 10% from the sum chips that you bought if you use credit card payment system, and if you use another payment system, you will receive 6%. to know more about you can open the Loyal Policy page.

x-casino.com is popular game and they give large bonuses and very profitable online casino game.

it has update news on their website and they preview it everyday. and you can download the game and play the online casino at your home. you can play the top six gambling game such as blackjack, roulette, carrebean Poker, the video poker, slot machines, and casino war, they all have step by step guidance for new players, so you can learn to play the casino easily,

Shopping Cart

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a leading provider host for shopping cart software Ashop offers best complete solution for all merchants to sell online. it provides a turn-key sulotion for ecommerce software to build you online shop. and the most intuitive shopping cart software in world, and they prepared the most up date relevant advices to your need in building your online stores and your online business.

Ashop has helped for about thousands of now successful online business and merchants all over the world, and they accept online credit cards, design customize, features and all content of an online store by yourself within hours!, just try the demo if you want to see the details for advance. the web administration is easy to use and has won and award for features allows the merchants in building an online stores capable of competing with the webs most powerful websites for a simple

Ashop Commerce is the most intuitive shopping cart in the world providing the most up to date and relevant advice you need to start or advance your online business.
by six of the reasons, so the shopping cart or the online stores need only small investment, it's easy so anyone can do it, Ashop gives you full services, best platform on the search engines. you can use their unique design and reasons that you like, and the last is secure hosted.

Fleece Blanket

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Have you ever heard about Cabin Cuddler? is a cozy micro-fleece personal, hygienic and comfortable and the first airline travel blanket, it is special design for passenger who need some confort for their travel, the blanket wraps you from head to your leg and toes in cozy warmth, and assures you have good sleep during the long flights, The Cabin Cuddler fleece blanket is also suitable when you somewhere or go for car trips, and you can use it also at home specially when we get cold on the winter nights

Designed by an airline pilot when he saw a need of his passenger during a long flight. to make comfortable pampering time

the materials of this Cabin Cuddler are 100% Polyester, Tumble Dry Low, Machine Washable, Anti-Pilling, Hang Dry materials. and for adults the product fit to someone to 6 feet tall, Matching tote included fits easily on luggage. when you buy, its include the carry bag.

some people bought it for their self. and some of them buy it for their kids, it suitable for all size that people want. and help them warm their self and family on flight and at home or for holidays.

Cash and Loans Advance

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Every time, people need loans, there are some reason why people want to have loans. some people said that we need loan for personal need such as: medical emergencies, school fees, paying credit cards, renovated houses, or event go overseas for holidays,.. this is shown that people need some protection from any unpredictable accidents, and for enjoying the daily life.

paydayloanquotes.com provide some information that people can use to make short-term cash loans, they can make you suprises: get loans for abount $200 to $1500 in within 24 hours, All credit levels welcome, you don't need to do some paperwork and just submit you application online in a second, free quotes, no obligation, no strings and the last completely confidential and secure. and No Fax Payday Loans

No Fax Payday Loans does not charge you a fee for their services, and they are going to attenpt to match you as a lender when you have filling the form and have complete and provide the information that they need. but offcourse they don't guarantee the match, they will compare the offers from various lenderand find the lowest rate for you.

just filling out the easy online formNo Fax Payday Loans
which contain contact information and identification, employment status and info, and the datails of your bank account, and base the information you ahve filled, www.paydayloanquotes.com will find you a qualify lenders for loans.

If you are approved, your loan are goint to be deposited directly into your bank account for 1 business day.


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Playing casino is another way to find some income and opportunity, or is another lifestyle for some executives, in some states’ law casino is limited for to underage people, and in some countries, it is against law, but in another country it is a job or profession to do for life.
Casino usually located in the big city near by good hotels, beaches, shopping mall, and other vacation places, even some casinos well known as hosting for some events such as concerts and sports.

Las Vegas specially in Las Vegas Strip ( 6.7 km from section of Las Vegas Boulevard South) is well known places for gambling and casino, there are hundreds to thousands types of gambling there, millions people come to the USA for only playing casino.

During by the time, casino go online, so people doesn’t need to go somewhere for only playing casino, by surfing on the internet people can find Top USA Online Casinos easily and save time,

By surfing around in some casino forums, you can find the best site to trust and learn from some players or customers who have earn some income or opportunity and you can share ideas there. And play casino that you feel easy gambling, there are some choices you can try on such as games of change or people also says slot machines like roulette, baccarat, craps etc, or you can try games which need skills like poker and black jack.

The Huse of Lamps

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The house of lamps Farreys.com is a US wholesale hardware and thousand lamps mode company that provide the consumers with the best range of household fitting at the special prices. This lamps company wah established since 1942 and they grow time by time. This is the prove that customers trust them. in this site, you can find all of kind of lights you want, such as fine art lamps, forecast lighting, george kovas lighting, and the others lamps that you've never seen before.

By visiting the
Farreys.com the specialist in the on line sale of lighting on the internet can help you to get best lamp that suit your household. You don't need to go to the stores and search for a suitable lamp for your house, room, or garden, its need too much take time if you go store to find ones.

They have all kinds of lamps with pretty and beautiful design from antique designs to moderns. such as Ambience, Murray Feiss, Flos, Fontana Arte, Maxim Lighting, Hinkley Lighting, Kichler Lighting, George Kovacs, Minka Lavery, Fine Art Lamps, Quoizel, Sea Gull Lighting, and many more. for more information visit
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Come Visit Hawaii

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Hawaii located at the center of the North Pacific Ocean, Hawaii has a wonderful geographical location.
There are some unique places there that makes it the best vacation destinations in the world. place for everyone. specially for people who loves beaches, and plays water, coming to Hawaii is like a dream come true.

Some people travel to Hawaii for various reasons: To visit out world-famous beaches up close and personal, or just want to see some peace or quiet places off the beaten path. The beautiful of Hawaiian islands offer these and much more for the traveler who wants to experience the friendly locals, strong traditions of indigenous Hawaiians and the natural beauty of the Islands.

Honolulu the capital of the island of Oahu, provide a perfect experiance of a city life along with some carefree and cool life on the island.

Nobody deny that Hawaii is ideal places for finding some peaces and tranquility, we can also go to some neighbor islands wich full of peace. perfect place to relax in the lap on nature and rejuvenate our mind. from Waimea Canyon on Kauai to Haleakala on Maui, to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island of Hawaii,

For people who loves culture and history, Hawaii has a rich history wich is shown in some great museum of the place. some museun that you can visit such as the Bishop Museum, the Hana Cultural Center and Museum, the Honolulu Community Dinosaur Exhibit, Kauai Museum, the Maui Ocean Center, Pacific Tsunami Museum, the Lyman

What about place to stay, no worries, you can visit some hotels with best facilities they have, or some website that can give you some info about place to stay. http://www.nationalrelocation.com gives some infornation about place to stay in Hawaii with compatitive prices. they also give some information about Hawaii real estate, Honolulu real estate, Oahu real estate, and other relocating info in Hawaii

Pictures taken from:

Bad Credits

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Some people said that Applying for having credits or loans on the internet is easy. But do you think that you have bad credits? or do you want to open an on line credit account, day by day, the using of credit cards number grow, people in this world. you need to have a good online resources to help you plan your feet financilally,

there are some types credit that people usually apply for, such as credit card, home loans, auto loans, personal loans and much more, but before, Apply, will be better if we compare credit offers from major providers and find the best offer to fit their needs. And by making payments on time, consumers can rebuild their credit and, perhaps, their financial future. we can compare the offer on http://www.badcreditoffers.com/ you can compare all the credits and loans that other provider offer to you.

Every offer presented is carefully selected based on factors such as ease of interest rate, approval, and other key features. In many cases, BadCreditOffers work directly with the credit issuer to provide direct links to their easy online applications.

There are some categories that may suit you:

  • Credit Cards for Bad Credit Credit Cards
  • Home Loans for Bad Credit Home Loans
  • Auto Loans for Bad Credit Auto Loans
  • Personal Loans for Bad Credit Personal Loans
  • Credit Report & Score Credit Report & Score
  • Counseling for Bad Credit Credit Repair

you can compare their product by visiting the http://www.badcreditoffers.com/
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Poker for MAC and LINUX

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Poker is card playing games, people use it for money. and it is really popular card game, players bet on amount of the value of the card combination in their possession, by locating a bet in the central pot.

today, there are so many types of poker, we can play on the internet. Poker has many variations, all following a similar pattern of play, but finding a good poker site to trust more difficult than we can imaging.

in my post I would like to introduce you to http://www.macpokeronline.com/ this Mac Poker you can use it event you use Mac as you OS and linux. I believe some people get difficult to find Online Poker for Mac, and if you do, you can try this http://www.macpokeronline.com/

Poker has many variations, all of them following a similar pattern of play. so depending on the variant, hands may be formed using cards which are concealed from others, or from a combination of concealed cards and community cards. and in Mac Poker there are some types that you can choose to Pacific Poker, Fulltilt Poker, PokerStars and the others POker that suit you.

for more details you can visit http://www.macpokeronline.com/
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BRTON Tempat Kerjaku

Posted by Madong Arizona On 00.33 10 comments
Postinganku kali ini, saya akan menulis tentang tempat kerjaku. Namanya BRITON International English School, merupakan salah satu tempat sekolah bahasa Inggris ternama di Makassar,

Briton merupakan satu-satunya Authorized centre dari University of Cambridge Inggris yang ada di Indonesia bagian Timur, dengan ID 003, jadi, selain pengajaran bahasa Inggris Briton juga mengadakan Test yang bias diadakan oleh University of Cambridge seperti : KET, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE, BEC, IELTS & CELTA or DELTA.

Tempat kerjaku ini nich berdiri 11 tahun yang lalu, dan saat ini mempunyai beberapa cabang di Makassar dan Kendari, dan nantinya akan expansi ke beberapa daerah yang ada di Indonesia,

Disini saya bekerja sebagai Staff IT, dan mempunyai Coordinator hebat Namanya Sir. Wahid (Maaf Sir, kalau saya menulis nama-Nya Sir. disni, klo tidak berkenang Nanti saya Hapus) juga rekan kerja sesama staff IT, Sir. Accunq, dan Sir. Ady. Saya bekerja di salah satu kantor cabang Makassar yang berlokasi di Jl. A.P.Pettarani, Kompleks Ramayana, Business Center Diamond, No. 49.

Untuk saat ini, Briton Cabang Pettarani Fokus pada 3 Program Yaitu: English for Professionals, English for Young Adult (SMP dan SMA), English for Young Learners (Siswa SD)

Foto Direksi dan Manajer

Suasana Siswa YL (Siswa SD) yang sering merepotkan Jalan,tiap Masuk dan Pulang kursus hahahaha…

Keren kan????

Untuk info dan pendaftaran selengkapnya silahkan

Buka aja http://britonschool.or.id/

Atau telp ke 0411-456346

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URL Submission

Posted by Madong Arizona On 22.01 2 comments
Setelah blogwalking kemana-mana, saya akhirnya menemukan daftar FREE URL Submission, sebenarnya bukan kali ini saya menemukan daftar FREE URL Submission, udah beberapa kali, tapi baru kali ini saya mo posting juga ttg hal tersebut.


























































































































































daftar tersebut saya dapat dari: http://dstudiobali.com/
tapi kata mereka kalu ingin lebih detail nich. bisa membuka http://www.websquash.com/selist.html
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Holidays in Italy

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Italy is one of the best destination country in Europe for holiday, this country has been the home of many European cultures. And when we go there, that’s not difficult to find hotels in Italy we can find some varieties of them from cheap to expensive ones.

In Italy we could find some famous monument, Sistene Chapel, some old historical places to visit,

Take example of Rome, the Lazio region and also the capital city of Italy, you can visit some famous places and landmark such as: Santa Maria Maggiore is one of the earliest symbols of Christianity in the city. The Colosseum. Santa Maria in Trastevere, one of the most important medieval churches in Rome. Piazza del Popolo. Monument of Vittorio Emanuele II. Villa Borghese. Piazza del Campidoglio. Piazza della Repubblica. San Paolo fuori le Mura. The Quirinal Palace, house of the President of the Italian Republic. And some exotic hotels in Rome from 3 to 5 stars.

Taking tour Italy is great, not only hotels in Rome but hotels in venice and hotels in milan also good place to stay while having holidays in this city, Venice the capital region of Veneto has several place to visit, and Milan too,. hotels in milan and hotels in venice

Are you a students, college student, graduate student, or the parents of students, and you have a financial problem with school? You don't need to worry about that, Now the is some companies, or website offer Private Student Loans but if you get difficult to find a good website for sure, you may try to open http://www.nextstudent.com/

this http://www.nextstudent.com/ give education finance solution for All student from junior school to college graduates and even the parents, so if you have a fund problem, you may try that, take the advantages Student Loan Consolidation from NextStudent

There are some types of Loans that you can Apply for

  • Consolidation Loans /

  • Private Student Loans /

  • PLUS Loans for Parents /

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  • Federal Stafford Loans /

beside Student Loan Consolidation info, in this site, you can find some another information, such us Free Money info There are some scholarships, grants for just about any student, but only graduate students can apply for fellowships.

Visit NextStudent for more details

Visa & Mastercard Payment Solutions

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Today, Visa Card, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express are all popular payment methods. and there are so many companies offering product or service in person or in online, and they accept the various credit card and debit card payment form. you can apply the card in http://www.aplusmerchant.com

The cards that I have Said above are popular payment solution nowdays, it make people easily to submit paymetns over internet, on the phone, or in person with minimum risk.
to get a minimum risk using credit card, we need to have a good website, which use the best security systems, so our credit card information will not be stolen by hackers.

we need to find a good Internet Credit Card Processor merchant and avoid the Bad Credit Merchant Processor to save our credit info,

and another things to think about when we want to a card, take example, if you want to Process Visa Cards we need to see the record of the merchant that we would like to apply for. see the service of their staff, friendly or not, in online and in person. quick response times, the merchant in where, America / US, overseas, easy application process, save money and time, best rate for ecommerce, card swipe and terminal, and the last I know, as long as they can handle the highest risk.

with Overseas merchant credit and debit card. the payment process become simple, http://www.aplusmerchant.com/ and easy for any store and or internet retailer which accept Visa and MasterCard payment method in any different currencies .
By setting up an Overseas account in aplusmercant, you can make better transaction with other people over the world with their own currencies as they want. accepting other currencies comes with much higher fees but don't woory about it, if you shop around you, most o time you cand find some more banks that offer you fees and believe me, you will happy to pay in exchange for a wider scope of the world’s retail

Visit and find Cheap Hotels in Portugal

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As of 2007Portugal has several other tourism regions are being reorganized.such as Douro Sul, Templários, Dão-Lafões, Costa do Sol, Costa Azul, Planície Dourada, etc. Most of them are unknown to tourists and locals alike. ,
but Portugal Tourist hotspots in Portugal are Lisbon, the Algarve and Madeira, and now the government Portugueseis currently developing another new destinations: Alentejo, the Douro Valley,and .Porto Santo Island
You don't need to worry about place to stay theare some Cheap Hotels in Portugal with a good facilities and services. and Room Types typically offered in the area are either single ( 1 person ) , double ( for couples ) , twin ( 2 persons sharing ) , triple ( 3 persons sharing ) , quad ( 4 persons sharing )and family rooms

Visit Lisbon
Lisbon Is the largest city in and the capital city of PortugalIt and is also the seat of the district of Lisbon and capital of the Lisbon region. its has many place to visit,

Its prime attraction is the grand Mosteiro dos Jeronimos. Construction started in 1501, and took 70 years to complete. During its construction, the monastery cost an equivalent of 70 kg (154 lb) of gold each year. It is a prime example of what is called Manueline architecture, with inspiration brought back from the explorations, as well as being influenced by the Gothic and Renaissance periods. Nearby is the Belem Tower.

Bairro Alto
For you who love nightlife Bairro Alto is the perfect place for you, it is the heart of Lisbon's youth and of the Portuguese capital's nightlife.Goth, Gay,Lisbon's Punk, Metal, Hip Hop and Reggae scenes,

Gare do Oriente
Gare do Oriente (Orient Station) is one of the main transportation hubs of Lisbon, for trains, metro, buses and taxis.

there some Cheap Hotels in Lisbon where a good place to stay.

may be you are thinking is there any Cheap Hotels in Algarve and any Cheap Hotels in Madeira? off course Yes, and they are also have a good acomodation hotel from 2 to 5 stars. you may see the information about some cheap hotels in http://www.cheaperthanhotels.co.uk/Portugal/Lisbon/ Algarve and Maidera are another tourist destination in Portugal. Algarve is the southernmost region of mainland Portugal. it has natural beauties and plenty of beaches, such as: Praia Grande, Praia da Marinha, Algarve is also famous for its nightlife. In Madeira, The island of Porto Santo, with its 9 km long beach and its climate, is totally devoted to tourism. and when you visit this, don't forget about the wine.
Visitors are from the European Union, with Germany, United Kingdom, Scandinavia,

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