Zinmag Remedy 2.0

Posted by Alvairs On Feb - 19 - 2009

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Zinmag Remedy

Zinmag Primus Blogger template

Posted by Alvairs On Jan - 24 - 2009

We thank you for support in BloggerStyles, and let's discover the feature of this white professional Blogger template!

Zinmag Primus

Color Paper Blogger template

Posted by Alvairs On Dec - 24 - 2008

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Color Paper

Ad on blog

Posted by Madong Arizona On 03.40
I have heard smorty a months ago, but that time I didn't join the program, I need to see the prove of the payment. So I let some of my friends to join the program first, and I will join them if I see them get success.

It sound so silly, but this is a must for me, I don’t want any scam program in my head and my in blog. Because I have read some disappointment in many forums and email come to me.

Smorty is like a bridge which connect the advertiser and the blogger, the advertiser advertise on blogs  pay to commerce their website or their product on the internet, the more link someone has on the others blogs the more traffic people can get from it. But even though no guarantee for this such a big traffic, and the blogger put the advertiser link on their blog by writing the review.
But if someone want to be a blogger for smorty, it would be better if you have a high pagerank, at least 4 or higher. The higher pagerank you have, the higher offer for campaign you will get.

I joined smorty yesterday and I do hope a change can happen to my life, like my friends who have success on it

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