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Download Magic Time Nakagawa Shoko

Posted by Madong Arizona On 22.22
This is the second album of Nakagawa Shoko, and will be release on new year, or on the fisrt January 2009, the first album called Big Bang!!! and released March 19, 2008,

this is the list of Magic Time Album:

Album: Magic Time
Singer: Nakagawa Shoko
Release Date: January 1st 2009
Publisher: Sony Records
  • your “Magic Time”
  • through the looking glass
  • 続く世界
  • Spiral
  • シャーベット色の時間
  • マカロン_ホリディ
  • Brand-new day
  • 冬の遊園地
  • 綺麗ア・ラ・モード
  • Shiny GATE
  • Ivy
  • 空色デイズ -天元突破EDITION-
to download Magic Time simpy here:

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