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Download Love Letter by Otsuka Ai

Posted by Madong Arizona On 19.06
LOVE LETTER is the 5th studio Album of Ai Otsuka, and on December 17, 2008. the Album release, On November 16, 2008, the full album - minus Ningyou - leaked onto the internet. this Album contain 13 songs tracklist on CD begin with Love letter song.
02. ロケットスニーカー (Rocket Sneaker)
03. バイバイ (Bye Bye)
04. クラゲ、流れ星 (Kurage, Nagareboshi)Jellyfish, Shooting Star
05. 人形 (Ningyou)Doll
06. 君フェチ (Kimi Fechi)You Fetish
07. Creamy & Spicy
08. ド☆ポジティヴ (Do☆Positive)
09. 360°
10. シャチハタ (Shachihata)self-inking rubber stamp
11. One×Time
12. ポケット (Pocket)
13. 愛 (Ai)Love

DVD:Rocket Sneaker ロケットスニーカー(Music Clip)
Kurage, Nagareboshi クラゲ、流れ星 (Music Clip)
Do☆Positive ド☆ポジティヴ(Music Clip)
360°(Music Clip)
Pocket ポケット(Music Clip)
Ai 愛(Music Clip)

download Love Letter by Otsuka Ai

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